About Us

Our Home


It started out as an old, run-down house in a quiet neighborhood. We started our family at this place and all three of our children were born when we still lived here. They were so young, they can hardly remember what it looked like. But to us, it was more than just a home, it’s also our place of work. We started our small home business in the garage until it grew into a successful one.

Today June 2020, we have completely rebuilt the house from scratch. The bare 1000 sqm land was transformed into this state-of-the-art residence building complete with restaurant & café. To us, it will always feel like home, that’s why it’s called RUMANAMI – which means ‘Our Home’. The only difference is that it’s now also a home for our guests.

We hope you can find a sense of home in Rumanami and grow your business to successful ones like we did.

The Silaen family